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live your POwer

I get asked all the time how I moved on after my divorce, reclaimed my identity and healed for real. 

The truth?  By realizing my worth and loving myself unconditionally, once and for all. 

It's time for you to do the same, rise up and create the life of your dreams. How would that feel? How would that look? At first, I was too afraid to try, but I am so glad I did. In the process, I developed the Love It Go Method, a process that empowers women to let go of limiting beliefs, deal with triggers and clear their energetic space within to make room for the beautiful, juicy life that is theirs for the living.  

I also reconnected with my spiritual side in deeper ways- I'm centered and focused in a way I never thought possible. It feels amazing, and I know it's achievable for you too.

Helping women deepen their spiritual journey and transform their lives after divorce was a natural progression from what I've been doing for years: Leading women to find total wellness, as well as a sense of purpose. They also have some serious fun in the process, which rocks my world. If that sounds good to you, send me an email!

You are meant for more. Let's let it happen.

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Private Tarot Readings

Energy is everything. For me, Tarot isn't about telling the future, it's about helping women understand their current situation in terms of the energetic frequency and then find a clearer path to the desired outcome.

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Love It go Masterclass

Freedom is here! Five weeks to stepping into your best life. Guess what? YOU are the one who is going to saddle up that white horse and be the warrior queen who goes to battle- for yourself. Yes, you. In five weeks you will be ready to LIVE. Big, bold, beautiful- and HEALING FOR REAL.




Includes Private Reading

and access to February

PowerHouse Event!

After December 15th, the price will increase to $997. Don't wait!

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