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Getting the Picture

Picture this


I just revisited my Mission Statement and Vision Statement from way back when I started RillPOWER.

Mission Statement:

To inspire disheartened women to love themselves unconditionally by realizing that they ARE love and are deserving of vibrant health, beautiful surroundings and thriving in their authentic self-worth.

Vision Statement:

To accelerate healing for the planet by raising the energetic vibration of women around the world.


I do? Well. Not really.

I mean, I wanted to. I thought it would be cool and, I really would love to do that. But, you know, life.

When you’re doing ALL THE THINGS, life has a way of derailing your mission. But only if you let it, and I did. I totally did. I wear a lot of hats: wife, mom/stepmom, friend, day job(s) and on and on. I wasn’t really very high up on my list, and when I did put myself on there, it was really to give myself permission to spend some guilt free downtime playing a couple of games of Scrabble on my phone, not to change the world.

But last week, as I reflected on some things that felt like they were not exactly great in my life, I actually checked in with ME.

Here I am, the person who shouts about loving yourself from the rooftops, and I realized I wasn’t even close to being there.

Then I realized: I hadn’t really ever been.

When I started RillPOWER, I was newly divorced and I was this super skinny girl with a fat bank account and an amazing new guy. Loving myself was a new thing for me, but I guess it was super easy because life felt super great.

As life went on, the scale went up a little bit and my bank balance went down a little bit. Life with the amazing new guy became life with a sometimes amazing, human guy. In other words, things got real again. And I felt like a failure.

It dawned on me that I hadn’t really ever been loving myself at all- I had been loving that “picture of perfection” that I thought I had finally become. I was actually still stuck in my self-critical, perfectionist, performance based self; it was only because I thought I’d “made it” that the love for myself flowed.

Not exactly a high vibration place to be, until I realized this is the best thing that I have ever figured out.

Loving your positive self-image is one thing, loving the actual living, breathing you is another. Today, when I insert myself into that Mission Statement, it finally feels real.

So… RillPOWER has reached one person: me. Everyone needs to start somewhere, right?

Goals and purpose must be in alignment, yes. AND, they must be combined with unconditional love for the person you truly are. And now, I think I get it.

You are worthy now, just as you are. What part of the RillPOWER Mission Statement resonates most with you? Drop me a line!

Love is the POWER,