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Lost Civilization- The Archaeology of a Broken Home

I admit it, I’m hopelessly sentimental. One reason that I tried to avoid divorce through all the years of X bringing it up was to preserve the place for our memories to matter. Even now, I’m like the knight in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade- spending 700 years to guard our mementos seems like a worthy endeavor. Shared experiences, good and bad, make up the history of a family. And not only the people, but objects play an important supporting role. Why did the Christmas village always get set up a certain way? How many times were apple bundles baked in the round stoneware dish? Which gravy boat was used with which china set? Remember "Ketchup Mo-Mo" and who ate their "by-boo"? Yes, famili

Happy (As Can Be) Holidays

Whether you can't be bothered to deck the halls or you're a junior Martha Stewart like I am, going through a divorce around the holidays is not as easy as (pumpkin) pie. Here is an updated version of last year’s holiday blog post. Please join in the “Happy (As Can Be) Holidays” private Facebook group this year for support, cheer, and yes, fun. We start on November 21st and continue through January 1st. Request to join at Facebook.com/Rillpower And, even if you are geared up for awesome holidays this year, but you've been through the worst, please consider participating so others can benefit from your perspective. Thanks! X and I moved into a rental house in June of 2014, just a temporary st

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