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Giving Up the Ghost- Has Someone Ever Completely Disappeared On You?

This is a re-run of an earlier Halloween post. Hope you enjoy it! It must be terrible to be ghosted by someone you are dating. Being ghosted, in case you aren't hip to what the cool kids are saying these days, is when someone you are seeing suddenly stops all communication and seemingly drops off the face of the earth. Of course, it is one thing to be ghosted by someone you are dating, and another thing for your spouse of 26 years to completely disregard your existence. It's like, you know, so totally uncool. Then again, I asked for it. I mean, literally, I did. After the last "I want a divorce," proclamation was made, I specifically said, "I don't want to ever see you again, I want to prete

What's a Picture Worth?

Sometimes raising your confidence level is as simple as saying cheese. A few months ago, our priest announced during Mass that the ten year old church directory was finally being updated and asked parishioners to please schedule their photo sessions. I glanced around me in horror, realizing that all of my fellow churchgoers had a book somewhere on their bookshelves with a photo of me, X and our kids. I remembered that evening- our last official family photo session ever. We were all color coordinated, and X and I dutifully put on some fake smiles and said, “Cheese.” For a brief moment that morning, I was certain that everyone was looking at me and my new husband and stepson and thinking, “Hm

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