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The Story of Grandma Jo

Strange name for a blog post, right? Today is the anniversary of my maternal grandmothers birth. If that sounds rather formal and stiff, it’s because I wasn’t that close to her. Nobody really was. In her youth, Josephine was a beautiful woman growing up in the strange world that was pre-war Nogales, Arizona, a place that couldn’t seem to decide if it was in Mexico or the United States. Once she married though, and World War II broke out, it was definitely America. Although he was too old for the draft, my grandfather enlisted in the Air Force, hoping he would have a career as a pilot after the war ended. That was not to be. After training as a pursuit pilot and being deployed to England, hi

Settling Down or UP

AUTHORS NOTE: I opened the video poker app to take a photo for the blog post and on my first try, I JUST GOT A ROYAL FLUSH. So there you have it... EXPECT TO REACH YOUR GOAL AND YOU WILL I hope you enjoy this week's blog post... So here is a long story. Bear with me and there will be a point, I promise. Soon after we got engaged, X took a job at a commercial construction company in Las Vegas, Nevada. After the honeymoon, I joined him there. The honeymoon is the long story part of this post. Not the trip itself, it was pretty standard , as far as honeymoons go; it is the procurement of the trip that is somewhat unusual. X purchased the trip from someone in his office who had won it. This

Reinvention vs Transformation

I’m focusing on transformation this month at RillPOWER- well, every month, actually, because that is pretty much the foundation of the whole mission here. But this month we’re doing it in a special way. Last week I visited Bedford, NY with my girlfriend. Bedford is a charming town, but we weren’t there to see the sights- only one specific site: Martha Stewart’s house. The photo for this post will probably get me arrested for trespassing. Normally I wouldn’t have done this, but I actually got out of the car and walked up a little bank to the wall to peek over. I can’t believe it myself… I was looking right at Martha’s oft-photographed, castle-like stables. Once the shock and awe wore off, I j

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