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A Taxing Time- Overcoming Financial Shame

The first time I went to a CPA to get my income taxes prepared, it was before my divorce was final. I was married filing separately and was in extreme emotional distress. For the past few years, X had handled most of the money matters in our home. I walked in to the CPA’s office with my little shoebox full of papers, 1,000 apologies for being so financially disorganized and literally cried all the way through the meeting because I felt like a fish out of water. The man was very kind and said I was not even close to the most disorganized client he’d ever had. It isn’t like me to be disorganized. I can pull off a holiday dinner with military precision, redesign your house and knit hats for fiv

You Are Limitless Potential

What are your dreams? Go ahead. List some- two weeks in Paris? A brand new car? To put your child through college? For your child to get into college? (hahaha) Those are really great dreams. Now go ahead. What is your real dream? The wildest, scariest and most delicious one? Would you go back to law school? Would you act in local theater? Open an art gallery? These are probably the dreams that you don’t think about every day because they just don’t seem all that possible. They’re stuffed down under the distractions of life, but these are the dreams that are connected to your life purpose. You think about that, don’t you? Your life purpose? No? I know. I understand what it’s like to put your

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