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Make a Choice

Please indulge me in this walk down memory lane, there is a point to it, I promise! You can't go home again. Well, you kinda can, I mean I do often, but it isn't always great. Home for me is Phoenix, Arizona, and it can be an emotionally charged experience. My dad is no longer with us and my mom can be a bit ornery. Besides that, absolutely nothing is the same. The schools I attended are closed. The malls where I worked and hung out are gone. Sadly, Phoenix doesn't value its history and knocks down landmark buildings (like Macayo's on Central!) as though they're just in the way. That is tough for a sentimental person like me. Of course many of my favorite haunts that do remain are fraught wi

Nonconsensual Divorce

When I use the term "nonconsensual divorce" people often seem taken aback, as though connecting the two words is somehow incomprehensible. Divorce is so prevalent in our culture that perhaps it didn't occur to them that it isn't always a mutually agreed upon situation. And many times, people are genuinely surprised to learn that no fault divorce laws can be used to end a marriage in which one partner does not agree to divorce. The Cambridge English Dictionary defines nonconsensual as "without the willing agreement of both parties." I'm not trying to equate nonconsensual divorce with rape, obviously, they are different situations. By using that term I am attempting to convey the utter powerle

Stay Left

Ever think about the fact that NASCAR drivers only make left turns? No? Me either, but if you think about it, there is a wall on the right side. Duh. Well, the cars could go clockwise instead... Because drivers sit on the left side of the car, they have a better view of the road ahead when going counterclockwise. I researched this. Trust me. Why? Well, there could be all kinds of metaphors about the road ahead and smooth sailing and mushy stuff like that. However, this is not a flowery post. It is a warning. Here you go- you can thank me later. Some people are actually waiting for you to make a sharp right turn. I'm serious. Call them haters, frenemies, heck, some might even be your friends

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