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"Write what you know," they said.

Hope is scary, right? We don't know what tomorrow will bring. Do we dare believe for something amazing? Would we feel worthy of it anywa

Divorce Threat Level: Elevated

September is National Suicide Prevention Month The stability was completely gone in my marriage in its final few years and I felt like I was constantly riding a roller coaster. Periods of relative calm would turn into corkscrew drops when X would either move out or visit the divorce attorney du jour to have papers drawn up. I don't do well with uncertainty. Oh, I'm fine with spontaneity in some situations, as in, "Why don't we go to out for dinner tonight," or, "What about Disneyland next month?" When the marriage itself took on spontaneous overtones, it was unbearable for me. Envisioning a future together is a key component of marriage and this became increasingly impossible. Sometimes it

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