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The Educated Divorcee

It was suggested recently to me by a friend that my blog needs to be more educational. Emphatically suggested. This was in response to her encounter with a woman who just obtained her third divorce and unfortunately was not aware that if you are married longer than ten years you are entitled to some of your ex's social security. Even more unfortunately for this woman, she signed her divorce papers ("divorcing a DOCTOR no less!") nine years, eleven months and three weeks after her marriage date. My friend could not believe the tragedy of the situation. I will withhold my own judgment here, but I think there could be some far more serious things to be stressing over around this matter. The pur

54,000 Miles

Today is an anniversary of sorts. X had begun his yearly pilgrimage to a divorce attorney about 3 months prior, and this time it was serious. So serious in fact, that I had to go meet with an attorney of my own to get a handle on what was coming. There is a whole story around these three months in 2013 that is too long to tell here in a blog post. Wait for the movie. But here is a sneak peek at how it ends. (Well, that time.) After some pleading on my part, we went to an intensive two day marriage counseling session with a therapist out of state. I’d thought there was a glimmer of hope, but on the afternoon of day two, X said the divorce was still on. The counselor was disappointed, and


This is a hard one. I'm just fresh from the funeral of a dear friend, someone who loved life and his family. He died within four months of an unexpected cancer diagnosis at the age of 56. So many at the funeral were asking, "Why?" Heart wrenchingly, I know he even asked the question during his final weeks. We're humans and we struggle to understand big questions like this, to put things into our own, albeit, tiny perspective. There are so many things to wonder about . Why is one person cured while another is not? Why does one woman long to have a baby but can't, and so many women are able? Why does God (assuming you believe in God) allow suffering? Why did my ex leave me? Why can't we all

I Still Found What I Only Had a Vague Idea That I Was Even Looking For

This post is dedicated to the memory of Rudy Lucero, who, despite his ill fated insistence on going to the Mill Avenue Happy Trails to buy tickets for the Sun Devil Stadium show, was a great friend. RIP Pauloo Thirty years is a long time- Of course, as the world's biggest u2 fan (anyone who buys a condo because the address is #u2 can say that) I certainly would be attending some part of the 2017 Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Tour. I was excited, but also had some misgivings about this momentous occasion. The week before leaving for the show, I was an emotional wreck. Well, not really, but I seriously couldn't get through the CD without crying, so by the second day trying, I realized that I sh

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