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Fear Of the Number TWO

This is something I don't quite know how to explain. Do other people feel this way? I think not. It would seem not, anyway, when you look at all the people getting divorced and seeming to be thrilled about it. These are the people with blended families, who date previously marrieds without any visible signs of distress. Like it is totally normal. Now don't get me wrong- there were many layers of reasons in my fight to avoid divorce. I 'fought' for my marriage for a lot of what I thought were 'noble' reasons; mainly to keep my children's family intact. I had many other, more practical reasons that will unfold during the course of this blogging journey. However, I knew that there was somet

What's In A Name?

I'm sure you can relate: when I was a kid, I didn't really like my name, especially my last name. First of all, NOBODY had Rill for a name, so automatically it was weird. Second of all, it has "ill" in it. Enough said. Back in those olden days, we would sing patriotic songs in the morning at school. I hated "My Country, 'Tis of Thee." First of all, it is a stupid name for a song. Second of all, at the line, "I love thy rocks and rills," kids would snicker and say, "except Julie." Ha ha ha. Fast forward to me at age 23 and I was so happy to be done with the Rill. My married name had a minor problem of being a) too common in our largely Scandinavian populated area and b) there were two commonl

If You Were Looking Forward To Your Divorce Party, This Blog Is Not For You

This website is for the "non consensually divorced." Mostly women, although I realize that it happens to men too. There is no Conscientious Objector status for trying to avoid a divorce. No Fault divorce laws make it virtually impossible to preserve the marriage, since the divorce seeking spouse simply has to ask for a divorce based on something like incompatibility or irreconcilable differences. Of course, if one spouse disputes the incompatibility assessment, it automatically means that they're incompatible. Pretty genius. Pretty evil genius, bwa ha ha. In this situation, there is (seemingly) a winner and a loser. Your spouse wanted a divorce and you didn't. You couldn't stop it and so yo

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