Alone This Holiday?

I've been there. It hurts, it feels scary and sad. This year, it isn't only divorce causing isolation; many have lost loved ones, and many are self-isolating due to Covid-19. 

You might be distanced, but you don't have to be alone.


You are cordially invited to become a part of the                                                        

                     RillPower HOLIDAY HEALING EXPERIENCE

You'll focus on gratitude this Thanksgiving and by New Year's Day you will be ready to welcome 2021 with a refreshed sense of SELF LOVE and HIGH FREQUENCY HOPE. 

So put that crown on and CELEBRATE YOU this holiday!

Here's just some of what we'll enjoy together:

  • Weekly group tarot readings

  • A private, safe space to share your hopes, dreams and yes, fears

  • Inspiring weekly mindset missions that will raise your vibration and increase your joy

  • Weekly giveaways

  • New friendships and connections 

  • And MUCH MORE!!!

Think of this experience as a luxury holiday retreat with girlfriends combined with some high vibe personal growth and, oh yeah, FUN!


All this and more for less than $1 a day- this will be the best gift you give yourself this holiday season! 

So no matter which holidays you celebrate this season, RSVP FOR THIS PARTY- the drinks are on ice and the lights are twinkling- the only thing missing is YOU!

I'm Coming to the Party!