What's the Rill Deal?

How would I describe myself? I am dorky yet sophisticated; cautious but fearless; a big thinker and doer who is compassionate although sometimes snotty, and I never give up.


Well, I have given up a few times, but not without a fight.


Was I really divorced six times? Okay- not really- he changed his mind the first few times. I told you I don't give up easily!

If you are divorced and weren't really excited about it, I feel ya. Having something as precious to you as your marriage taken away seems quite unbelievable. 


I hope the insights I gained over the last few years of my 26 year marriage and during the healing process will help other women who have been what I call "nonconsensually divorced." The turning point from victim to victor came when I realized the path to living joyfully was to Love It Go.

Reclaiming your identity and learning to love yourself isn't always easy- I know. But there is nothing more powerful that you will ever do for yourself. 


Currently, I am a second time newlywed (see- life does get better!) Besides keeping busy with RillPOWER and my Power Pack Inner Circle Wellness Team,  I'm working on a novel. Free moments find me annihilating my love in Scrabble or soaking in our hot tub, trying to relax because I know I should. I really don't enjoy relaxing that much. Can you relate?


Looking forward to sharing nuggets of hope and hard won wisdom with all of you!

xo, Julie

Chief Empowerment Officer

RillPOWER Mission &  Vision Statements

Mission Statement:

To inspire discouraged women to love themselves by realizing that they ARE love and are deserving of vibrant health, beautiful surroundings and thriving in their authentic self-worth.

Vision Statement:

To accelerate healing for the planet by raising the energetic vibration of women around the world.

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