What do you re-gift? Socks, candy, peace, love, self worth? Some things you should definitely keep. Read more about that here.

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A handy way to heal. This book is a collection of a few of my favorite blog posts, along with 5 things you ABSOLUTELY need to know about navigating your divorce. Available on Amazon Kindle.

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Hello, I'm Julie Rill

Not many women can say they've been divorced six times. From the same husband. Not really- it really only happened once, but that's all it takes. Check out the story of my rollercoaster marriage.

The Meteoric Beauty of Endings

For the fourth quarter of 2019, I'm donating 10%

of book sales to the Navajo Stove Project. Thank you for helping bring safe heating and cooking equipment to homes on the reservation!!

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Now Available at Amazon!

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