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Hello beautiful!

Not many women can say they've been divorced six times. From the same husband. Not really- it really only happened once, but that's all it takes. You can read the story of my "Riller" coaster marriage in my blog.

Even better, you can read the how the worst thing ever to happen to me also became the best thing. If you are like I was, and you think that your life will never be good again, I'm here to tell you that healing, happiness and total wellness are possible.  RillPower is here to inspire you to just that. 

I believe that it is all about energy- the frequency we are putting out there becomes what we attract. What we believe becomes real, and when we believe for the best, we get it. It's about breaking free from guilt, anger and fear to create the life YOU want.

It's how I was able to build a high vibe biz and help other women get happy and healthy after divorce. More importantly, they reach new levels of confidence, spiritual awareness and abundance. And it's AWESOME.  

If you want a POWERful shift, you can work with me privately for one on one sessions or private tarot readings. Or, you can join my team for even more fun.  

Looking forward to connecting with you!!! Be well and be POWERful!


Now on the RillPOWER YouTube Channel- How are you supporting your candidate vibrationally?  That's more important now than ever. Watch on YouTube and get the download sheet here.

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A handy way to heal. This book is a collection of a few of my favorite blog posts, along with 5 things you ABSOLUTELY need to know about navigating your divorce. Available on Amazon Kindle.

10% of my sales goes to St. Mary's Food Bank in Phoenix, Arizona. Thanks for your support!!

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