Divorce does not mean

your life is over.

I'm Julie Rill, and I found my power after a divorce I thought I wouldn't survive. Now, my passion is helping women transform their lives after their own Tower moments by discovering their own beautiful power within. Welcome to my world!

I've Been There. Six Times.

Not many women can say they've been divorced six times. From the same husband. Okay, it really only happened once, but that's all it takes. You can read the story of my rollercoaster, on again-off again marriage in my blog if you're looking for a page turner. 

I Wanted to die.

Well, part of me wanted to. The other part felt guilty for wanting to be happy or hopeful again. I was on track to become one of those stereotypical bitter divorcees, trash talking my ex and licking wounds that I refused to let heal. 

I Couldn't let go.

I was angry. And scared. I just couldn't let a 30 year chunk of my life become a painful memory. I believed that I would never be able to look back with any kind of joy or peace. 

So I finally loved it go.

Then the worst thing ever to happen to me also became the best thing. If you are like me, and something has happened to cause you to think that your life will never be good again, I'm here to tell you that healing, happiness and total wellness are possible. 

I believe that it is all about energy- the frequency we are putting out there becomes what we attract. What we believe becomes real, and when we believe for the best, we get it. It's about breaking free from guilt, anger and fear to create the life YOU want.

It's how I was able to build a high vibe biz and help other women get happy and healthy, reaching new levels of confidence and abundance while connecting their renewed inner self to create the life of their wildest dreams.  

If you want a powerful shift, you can work with me privately. 

I look forward to connecting with you!!! Be well and be POWERful!

xo, Julie

National Suicide Hotline


"R" You On the List?

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solution session 


In this powerful, 40 minute session, we will use Tarot to explore the current energies around a single issue you want to release. 


Subconscious blocks and hidden obstacles will bubble to the surface and, once exposed, can be cleared. 

Whatever the issue: healing after a breakup, getting to a healthier weight, confusion over a career path or more, we can get to the bottom of it by tuning in to the energy you hold around it.

If you are ready to break free, schedule your Tarot Solution Sesssion here.

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A handy way to heal. This book is a collection of a few of my favorite blog posts, along with 5 things you ABSOLUTELY need to know about navigating your divorce. Available on Amazon Kindle.


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